I must admit that I should have stopped reading Michael Newmark’s article, The Republican Propaganda Masters at Work, after the first line in which he states that he did NOT watch the Jessica Lynch story on TV, and then goes on at great length to discredit the movie and relating it to “the last act of a desperate man…”. I am assuming here that he is referring to President Bush. It is sad to think that a student attending an outstanding institution of higher learning such as this believes that our president, through the pentagon, purchased the rights to Lynch’s story, produced, directed and aired it as a made for TV movie. I must have overlooked the headline that read, “NBC Purchased by Republican Party: Promises to Air Propaganda”. Last time I checked, the government does not own any major television network. Somebody please assure me that Mr. Newmark has never taken a PoliSci or history course. What is even more disturbing is the Campus Times’ complete lack of objectivity in its editorial process. The Times, by publishing Mr. Newmark’s anti military/Bush/Republicans article, has tarnished its journalistic integrity and has relinquished any claim to balanced reporting. If you want to bash the movie, then watch it. If you want to bash the administration then back it up with fact, not wild speculation and conspiracy theory. This letter is my opinion, and as such, is appearing in the Letters to the Editor section, which is where Mr. Newmark’s article should be as well. I sincerely hope that the editors of the Times will actually “edit” their writers’ contributions in the future. Hint: if one of your writers begins an article with, “I haven’t watched the movie, but…” it is not fit for print.

Matt Dreier5-9022SIMON

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