Only three weeks in, some students find themselves

already overwhelmed with classes, extracurricular

activities and social responsibilities. This is no excuse for taking out stress and anger on undeserving parties, especially the food service workers in the dining halls. Not having a favorite brand of mustard is not grounds for verbal abuse. If roles were reversed, a verbal assault from a customer is not appreciated for simply trying to get a job done.

It comes down to basic respect and decency toward others. Do not treat employees of the university any differently than the treatment of family or friends.

Many food service workers have long hours in unsavory conditions, and students adding to the difficulty of their jobs is unfair. Students being stressed and angry should not translate to workers having to feel the same.

Workers may act angered or disgruntled but are responding most likely to the treatment they are given. In addition, ARAMARK should take responsibility and provide their workers with adequate supplies so students are not disappointed with a lack of variety, which can lead to misplaced resentment.

Service workers are here for the students, cooking our food, cleaning our dorms and keeping everything running smoothly. Workers in the dining areas in particular, who have the most contact with students, are the ones who deal with the most complaints in the least favorable setting. Maybe if a smile is given to a worker next time in the Pit, that sandwich might be prepared with just that extra amount of time and effort to produce a tasteable difference.

This is not a problem that takes a lot to be solved. A little mutual respect and patience and the quality of life will be a little bit better for students and employees alike.

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