While some people might be under the impression that the Campus Times is an elite club, only open to the in-crowd, we’d like to take this opportunity to correct this misconception. Absolutely anyone is more than welcome to join the newspaper. We can always use plenty of writers, and since we cover every aspect of campus life, you can probably find something you are interested in to write about. If you write for features, for instance, you sometimes get free CDs, or movie and concert tickets.

I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “I don’t know from writing, hell, I can barely string two sentences together.” Well, don’t let that stop you from joining. If you can take pictures, draw well or create digital artwork, there is a place for you here at the CT.

So, just to reiterate, we are an organization that opens its welcoming arms to anyone and everyone. It is possible that freshmen may think they are too young or inexperienced to be on the college newspaper. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, joining as a freshman helps you get the important experience needed if you wish to become an editor later on.

The CT is a newspaper made by the students for the students and it is important that we get as many student voices here as possible. Each new voice adds a different perspective and makes the paper better.

The best way to join the paper is to e-mail the editor-in-chief at editor@

campustimes.org and tell him that you are interested. He’ll be able to get you in touch with the specific editor you should work with that best suits your interests.

So if you have any remaining doubts remember this – if they let me join and work here, then how could they say no to you?

My love, cheesecake

I love you, cheesecake, and everything you are to me. 

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