(U-WIRE) PRINCETON, N.J. – This week, the University Store made showing Tiger spirit a little more racy at Princeton University. Thong underwear in orange, black, light blue and gray is now displayed among other, less invasive women’s fashion items such as sweatshirts, lycra workout wear and Clinique makeup. Virginia France, the U-Store marketing director, said the new intimates have been selling very well in all colors, especially orange. And the U-Store has not seen any returns on the item. “We’ve always carried underwear,” France said, referring to the back wall of the store and the stock of tame, conservative Calvin Klein lingerie. But this week marks the first time the U-Store has stocked a full line of Princeton-themed underwear without full coverage. The U-Store once sold Princeton boxer shorts, France said, but they have since gone out of style. France decided to stock the thongs after U-Store buyers attended a convention of national college stores, where the buyers saw that the thongs sold well at other schools. As of now, Princeton may be the only Ivy League school to carry an insignia thong. The Yale University Bookstore and the Harvard University Coop do not sell comparable items. France chuckled at the question of the appropriateness of Princeton’s name on a racy undergarment. “It’s a licensed product,” she said. “The manufacturers have to get permission from the University to use their name. But that doesn’t mean the University approves of the product.” Student reactionStudent shoppers in the U-Store Wednesday blushed when asked about their choice of underwear and the new options. “Hopefully, you’re wearing pants over them,” said one female undergraduate who asked not to be identified. “But personally, I don’t think they’re comfortable.” Other students were more forthright and agreed to go on the record about their unmentionables. “I am personally not a thong wearer,” freshman Kean Tonetti said. “A thong reflects Princeton’s school pride and wackiness. It may not be the best image that you want to give to prospective students. But if you don’t like it, don’t come here.”

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