Dean of The College William Green recently vetoed the resolution sent by the Students’ Association Senate to raise the Student Activities budget fee by $25. Green cited the current chaos in UR’s student government as reason for denying the increase.

Green is completely justified in this decision. If senate is unable to organize itself, it is both ill-considered and unfair to demand more money from the student body. The proposed increase in the student activities fee brings attention to budgetary concerns over whether SA funds are being properly used and distributed.

Student organizations should consider other methods of funding in addition to funds received from the SA. The SA cannot be used as bottomless source of funding for student groups. To date, the SA fee, which is mandatory, is already $185. Student groups should look into member dues as well as fundraising events to complement SA funds.

In addition, the student activities fee needs to be closely scrutinized every year and should only be raised with caution and only as necessary. In order to adequately account for surpluses and defecits senate must carefully review the possibility of adjustments annually and the SA Appropriations Committee should try to stay within its budget.Green’s move – to reject the resolution proposed by a senate which still lacks the ability to organize itself – is wise. His use of caution in this situation rightly shows respect for students and their money.

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