Dear Editor,I am a student living in Susan B. Anthony Hall and I am running a small club called Students for Saddam’s Destruction. We post daily flyers in the stairs and on the walls of Sue B. to let residents know that there is another voice on campus. We abhor war as much as any person, but in cases such as Iraq, we support The President. We respect the anti-war majority sentiment on campus, but we do not agree with it, that is the cause for our flyer campaign. For example, one of our flyers posted on March 25 bring to attention Saddam’s Fedayeen guard that is authorized to behead Iraqi women from households of political dissenters. We are trying to educate students on the many atrocities that occur under Saddam’s regime and the pressing need for us to stop him. However, we have found that our flyers are ripped down in a matter of hours or even minutes of posting, while leaving flyers posted around ours alone. We believe this act is disrespectful to those who are currently in the minority and does not allow us to make our voices heard. We feel that those who take down our flyers are trying to censor us and to shield other students from our opinions. We will be heard.

-Sue. B resident

Dear Spirit Coordinator: please let me beat up Rocky

I want blood. I don’t know who the current Spirit Coordinator is, but if they’re reading this, I have only one word for them: coward.

Obsession: a retrospective on the love story of Simon Petrikov and Betty Grof

The love story of Simon and Betty is not one of pure love and affection. It is instead a love story of uneven sacrifice, obsession, and loss.

I’ve had enough of the PDA in Gleason!

I’m tired of trying to do work while the couples next to me flirt at each other without a care in the world. There is no coolness in that.