UR Mock Trial recently received word that they are invited to the American Intercollegiate Mock Trial Tournament on April 11-13 at Eastern Kentucky University.

“To be recognized for our hard work is a nice thing to achieve,” UR Mock Trial business manager and senior Marc Bressman said. “It’s such a recognition for a university to send a team to a national tournament.”

UR Mock Trial has been at UR for three years but has yet to receive any recognition. “Mock trial was never really big here,” Bressman said. The invitation was received through the Princeton University Regional Tournament when UR Mock Trial scored high enough to qualify.

“I hope this recognition will get people to come and find out what Mock Trial is about,” Bressman said.

Bressman is hopeful that UR Mock Trial will do well at the competition, and believes they are prepared. “I don’t want to say we’re going to blow everyone away, but I think we’ve got a good shot,” he said. “The fact that we qualified means we deserve to be there.”

Over the next two months, UR Mock Trial will prepare their qualifying team for nationals.

They are still recruiting more members for next year. “People are committed and we always welcome new members,” Bressman said.

Reporting by Robyn Tanner and Karen Taylor.

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