Hallo, I am an Honours student in Media at the University of Natal, in Durban South Africa. I am currently about to launch an online newspaper for the students of my campus and would love to liase with people on your team in order to get some sound advice. Your online paper is great and I hope that my publication can live up to your standards.


Modern Jazz and Laufey’s permanent mark

"Bewitched" personifies love and heartbreak, comprised of soft melodies primed for slow dancing in a living room, or studying in a ritzy classical library.

You’re not dumb, you’re just foolish

Wisdom is about making sure the right person is behind that power. 

MAG exhibition “Beyond Beauty” confronts visitors with what they don’t want to see

"Beyond Beauty" portrays humanity as less-than-perfect in the traditional sense: Body Horror; Witch, Mother, Crone; The Wages of Sin; and Social Ills.