I am the President of the UR Club Sports Council and President and Coach of Men’s Rugby here at UR. My issue is the unequal treatment of club sports compared to varsity sports. We pay as much as varsity athletes (if not more) to attend UR. From personal experience, the rugby club, at the begining of the year, was given access to the North field, but the school’s decision was quickly changed and we were given Georgan Grass. That was fine, excpet for the fact that bonfires were held over Meliora weekend on our field, leaving nails and large staples strewn across the dirt (There is no grass left on the field due to poor upkeep). I contacted the athletic administration, who contacted maintenence, but nothing has been done for 3 weeks. This week, one of my guys got a staple stuck in his leg. However, UR continues to neglect us, not cleaning up the field and not letting us use other fields. Also, the weights in the main gym are too light for some of our guys, but we are consistantly denied the option of using the varsity weight room, even under administrative supervision. I would like to see an article on the unequal rights of students to facilities here at UR.

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