Quintin Griffin, 32, of Rochester was arrested and charged with burglary and petty larceny, Security reports.

Griffin allegedly was seen entering and leaving the room of a student living in the Theta Chi fraternity house.

“The suspect was carrying something under his arm,” Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said.

Officers followed the suspect, after spotting him based on the description the student provided, acoording to UR Security.

He “initially jumped into the river to avoid apprehension by officers and was pulled out of the river by officers,” Lafferty said.

Security reports that the man apparently stole a large ham from the building.

The witness positively identified the suspect. Griffin was taken into custody and processed at the Public Safety building.

Students receive threatening calls

A Gilbert and a Burton resident both received threatening phone calls from an unidentified caller, security reports.

The caller allegedly “made reference to the victims only having one week to live and the time started with their receiving the call,” Lafferty said.

The calls were characterized as alarming and annoying.

The new movie “The Ring” apparently contains a scene depicting a similar situation. Security has been unable to draw a link between the movie and the campus incident, however.

Camera stolen from Wilson Commons

According to security, a university-owned camera was stolen from Wilson Commons Room 102.

The camera, worth an estimated $1,800, was taken from the office sometime between Oct. 5 Oct. 6.

It is unclear whether the office was secured. There were no signs of forced entry, security says.

Beggar removed from Eastman music hall

Police arrested Rochester resident Phillip Swift, 42. He was charged for criminal trespassing Wednesday.

Swift apparently had been asking staff and students for money, security says.

He had been warned to stay off university property. Police arrested the man after he did not heed the previous warning.

Bikes stolen from campus racks

Bikes belonging to a staff member and a student were stolen from on-campus racks.

One bike was stolen from the rack on Dandelion Square, while the other was taken from the rack between Gilbert and Hoeing residence halls.

Both bikes were reportedly secured with cable locks. The locks were not recovered, according to security.

The bikes were valued upwards of $400 each.

Police reports may be filed at a later time, Security says.

Information provided by UR Security.

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