Security confirms that alcohol use was a “significant contributing factor” to a car accident this week. The incident occurred near the intersection of Library Road on Wilson Blvd. Security reports that the driver was an undergraduate student.

“Information collected at the scene disclosed the driver had apparently been at a non-disclosed fraternity house,” UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said.

Those at that location had apparently expressed concern for the student “due to alcohol related issues,” he said.

A witness said the vehicle was moving north on Wilson Blvd when it began weaving from side to side in the roadway, until it crossed the divide, struck a light pole and came to a rest.

Emergency responders transported the victim by ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for evaluation. Rochester Police, Fire and Gas and Electric persons all responded to the scene.

Police cited the driver for the accident.

Student aide apparently prevents bike larceny

An unidentified person was found riding an allegedly stolen bicycle in Dandelion Square Friday. The man, who was with two others, drove the bike into the stairs by the University Bookstore and left it on the walkway.

The three ran off laughing, security reports.

“As a security officer was collecting the bike for safekeeping, a student approached and identified the bike as his,” Lafferty said.

According to the victim, the bike was secured to the Wilson Commons bike rack. Security found the lock still on the rack.

Security returned the bike to the student.

Sue B. resident receives disturbing calls

An anonymous person called an undergraduate living in Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls Thursday.

The person called three times.

Security reports that the first incident involved the caller asking what the victim was doing. “When asked who it was, the caller hung up,” Lafferty said.

The caller attempted to disguise his voice on the second call. The victim hung up.

“The caller later called a third time and became sexually explicit,” Lafferty said. The victim disconnected in that case as well.

No police report has been filed.

Cell phone stolen from Crosby Hall

Investigation continues into an alleged cell phone larceny in Crosby Hall Saturday.

The undergraduate victim says that the phone was stolen between 6:27 and 6:36 p.m. by an unidentified suspect.

According to the victim, the room was left unattended and open during that window of time.

The cell phone service provider acknowledged that calls have been made since the incident.

The victim has not filed a police report.

Information provided by UR Security.

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