As a result of the efforts of two undergraduates, this year’s student events during Meliora Weekend are the largest to date.

Senior Ben McGreevy and sophomore Marilyn Lopez have spent the past six months designing Meliora Weekend events that will attract students. “Our job is to take Meliora Weekend and market it to the students,” said McGreevy. “The homecoming football game, bonfire and club night are just a few of the events geared toward students.”

There are certain events that are annual. “This year we are switching some things around,” Lopez said. “We have added salsa and bhangra lessons, a [murder] mystery program and a few other specials.”

Both McGreevy and Lopez said they are most excited about the Rochester Revue. They say it will be a excellent culmination of the weekend and all of their efforts over the past half-year. Lopez was primarily responsible for organizing the Rochester Revue. “It was a challenge to get all of the logistics to work for all 11 organizations involved in the event. Everything is ready to go now,” she said.

Some of the other major responsibilities of the co-chairs included getting volunteers to help at the events and advertise on campus. In addition to information booths and posters, the Meliora Weekend volunteers painted the tunnel connecting Hoyt to Morey and Lattimore Halls.

The two student co-chairs for Meliora Weekend applied through Students Together in Networking Graduates. Over the summer they both worked 40-hour weeks. As Meliora Weekend approaches, they are working over 15 hours per week, and going to class.

“They have been extremely responsible. They have worked very hard and are extremely helpful. It amazes me how much they have done while having a full course load,” assistant director of Alumni and Student Relations Jennifer Linton said.

McGreevy and Lopez are confident that all of the hard work they invested will pay off once Meliora Weekend is underway. “We are really catering to students so that we can get excited about the programs,” McGreevy said. “We keep innovating and making everything even better by building on existing traditions.”

Each year the student co-chairs add to an ongoing notebook to help out the next year’s co-chairs. The tips in the notebook make it easier to fine-tune many of the events based on prior experiences.

Many of the main events for Meliora Weekend are either sold out or nearly so. The two Jon Stewart shows are sold out, but there is still time to register for many of the other events. For more information on registration, visit the Meliora Weekend Web site at There will also be an opportunity to register in Wilson Commons Thursday night.

“With so many interesting guest speakers and events, this year’s Meliora Weekend promises to be a success,” Students’ Association President and senior Lonny Mallach said.

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