The Yellowjackets, UR’s oldest a cappella group will introduce its new members on Saturday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m in Strong Auditorium with “Fall Dischord III: Jacket Idols,” their first large concert this year.

“We’re going with the whole American Idol craze, and running with it,” sophomore Yellowjacket Neil Pawlowski said. Each new member ? there are five of them ? will be assigned an “American Idol” character for the show. In addition, the group will be unveiling new music, and there will be at least one guest group performing.

“We’re debuting a bunch of new songs, with a bunch of new soloists. This show’s going to be more interactive ? “American Idol” style,” junior Dave Marvin said. Marvin refused to comment on the songs, or even to reveal their titles. “Come to the concert and see it,” Marvin said.

The new members of the troupe are freshmen Jay Kwaak, Josh Matthias, Andrew Hamada, Steve Kraft and Ted Offner. This will be their first performance before a large audience although they did get to strut their stuff at the Tibetan Freedom Concert and the College Convocation earlier this month.

Tickets may be purchased at the Common Market ? $5 for UR community members and $7 for the general public.

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