Saturday night’s performance of the Second City Touring Company ? reviewed on page 17 ? was a hilarious mix of sketch and improvisational comedy.

We at the Campus Times wanted to know what it takes to be part of the group that spawned comedians like Mike Myers and Chris Farley, so after their hilarious act in Strong Auditorium, we took the opportunity to interview a Second City performer.

“I always wanted to be an actress,” said comedian Bridget Kross. “When I graduated from college, I stayed home and got a bartending job while I went through Second City’s entire program. I was actually really lucky to be able to work for Second City and it’s a great opportunity for women especially because it’s such a great breeding ground for talent.”

Kross has been with Second City for two years and is one of the senior members of the troupe.

One unique aspect of Second City that was evident at their performance was how even the pre-written sketches have a spontaneous, improv-like feel. Kross explains this as a consequence of how the sketches are written.

“All of our sketches are improv-based. What they’ll do is have a period where they’re writing a new show and they’ll just let us improvise for a while,” Kross said.

When asked whether she prefers performing improv skits or pre-written sketch comedy, Kross seemed torn.

“When you get a good sketch it can be so funny,” Kross said, “but you know improv is just so fun, but sometimes its funny because I think in the last five years so many people watched ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway,’ which is edited, that sometimes they think they’re all going to be gold nuggets, so you hope at least some are.”

What does the Second City have to say to the aspiring comedian? “Just remember to stick with it,” said Kross. “Don’t think you can learn to be funny without practice, and improv especially is never something you’ll master. Perform for free, don’t do it for the money.”

Members of the Second City generally stay with the troupe for up to four years before moving on to become real stars. With a little luck, Kross could easily become the next famous Second City alumnus.

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