The Hive has made a number of changes in an effort to attract more students this year. Along with a new drink selection, there are new Monday hours to accommodate “Monday Night Football” and also a more steady schedule of entertainment.

“Getting students into the pub has been a constant problem,” Students Association President Lonny Mallach said. “The students who do go don’t seem to buy food.”

One thing is obvious concerning student attendance at the pub ? more students go when the Hive is featuring entertainment.

The Hive was allotted more than $7,600 for events and programming in a meeting held last Tuesday night. Regular programming now includes a student band every Thursday night as well as other bands from the community on Saturday nights.

Upcoming events also include movie showings ? featuring “Animal House” and “PCU” ? in conjunction with the UR Cinema Group, battle of the bands and another karaoke night. The pub committee is also looking into bringing in comedians and hosting another hypnotist show.

While many new events are helping to attract more students to the Hive, one of the biggest draws has been there all along. Pool tables continue to bring in a number of students, even outside the Hive’s operating hours.

Junior Marvin Yang has been going there to play pool since he was a freshman. “I was into billiards then,” Yang said. “I probably came three times a week. I like the atmosphere more now.”

Some improvements, including filling the display cases lining the walls of the Hive, have helped to liven it up. Coming soon will be the addition of UR memorabilia including jerseys and uniforms for the walls and a Yellowjacket-themed design painted on the doors of the Hive, according to Mallach.

Among the improvements taking place at the Hive has been the addition of some smaller speakers which can be used alone to allow students playing pool to listen to music, without interfering with others watching TV.

While the menu remains the same as last year, management at the Hive is “working on food quality,” Mallach said. The Hive has also started to accept declining balance for non-alcohol purchases. Table tents containing the menu will also be added soon.

Organization and planning is crucial to the success of the Hive. Since last spring a new position has been added which has helped in the coordination of events in the Hive. Assistant Director of Student Activities and Wilson Commons, Melissia Schmidt is playing a key role in improving communication concerning the scheduling of events among different student groups and the pub.

Director of Student Activities and Wilson Commons Anne-Marie Algier feels Schmidt provides an important link among student groups. “It helps having one person working with not only the Hive, but also CAB and UR Concerts,” Algier said.

More improvements are still to come at the Hive. The addition of barstools and a foosball table are prospects being considered. “It is up in the air at this point,” Schmidt said. “Decisions will be made depending on the budget.”

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