This letter is in response to “Inappropriate Advice”, a Letter To The Editor in Sept. 19 of Campus Times.

Further scientific research is needed in all fields of women’s health, including reproductive health, and each individual must make decisions about sexual health based on personal beliefs.

I would like to offer additional websites for cutting edge information:,,,,,

If you would like to discuss your risks and benefits regarding reproductive health care choices in a non-judgmental setting, please schedule an appointment with your health care provider at the University Health Service (275-2662).


Associate Director for Nursing, uhs

The Demonic Nature of Innovative Technology

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You’re not dumb, you’re just foolish

Wisdom is about making sure the right person is behind that power. 

WCSA kicks off the academic year with Fall Activities Fair

The Fair serves as a detailed illustration of the UR student body’s diverse interests, as there are nearly 400 clubs and organizations to choose from.