Thank you for the article concerning the cat massacre. I am a member of Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate New York, and as you might know, we have

had several candlelight vigils on campus concerning this crime and we have also been trying to keep up with the progress that the university officials have been dealing (or not dealing) with the individuals or sororities that were involved in this crime or any other crime involving animals. If you could take the time to e-mail me with any info or call our hotline (234-1306), it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

?Kathy Caldwell

Secretary, ARAUNY

A letter to the editor: abortion is healthcare

The ethical necessity for abortion is not up for debate. Bodily autonomy and the right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term is a human right.

Birding club takes flight

Birding Club has realized what the vast majority of onlookers have known for quite some time: These birds are fucking lame.

David Jin strives for perfection with “Moments I Missed”

It’s not often that you hear someone cite Kim Kardashian as their biggest inspiration for going to law school.