In February 2000, Chicago’s legendary comedy theater, The Second City, performed at UR to a sell-out crowd.

This weekend, the troupe returns to the River Campus and, if past performance is any indicator, it should be quite a show.

Brought by the Campus Activities Board, Wilson Commons Student Activities and UR Concerts, The Second City touring company has been the springboard for some of the comedy world’s most renowned figures. Legendary comedians including Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, Bill Murray and Mike Myers launched their careers with performances in The Second City shows.

The performance contains a mix of sketch comedy, musical numbers and improvisation in two acts. Following the main show are improvisational games in which audience participation plays a key role.

“[The show] is mostly driven by audience feedback, similar to ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway,'” said senior Bryan Rotach, one of the students orchestrating the event.

With theaters in Chicago, Toronto, Detroit, Las Vegas and Cleveland, The Second City has written hundreds of shows and trained dozens of comedians. This weekend’s show will draw from the archives of material performed at The Second City clubs as well as feature original work and improv. With some of the Chicago touring troupe’s best talent on board, this is not an event to be missed.

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