US not guilty for Sept. 11

I’ve got several answers to Michael He’s question, “What did you learn from September 11?” I learned that there is a large group of people who, given the opportunity, would kill every single person in the United States of America. I learned that 99.9 percent of Americans know how to separate these people from their nonviolent brethren, here and abroad.

I learned that the United States government is capable of being attacked by another nation’s government, and rather than bomb the nation to hell, bomb the government into dust and liberate the people they oppressed. I learned after much research that most of those responsible for the attack hate America not because we are global bullies, but because we are among the so-called ‘infidels’.

I learned that most of the world would rather sympathize with terrorism than fight it. I learned that there are people like Michael He, who sadly view the events of a year ago as comeuppance rather than cold blooded murder of innocent civilians. What I did not learn is that my nation is hateful, murderous and evil in its foreign policy; on the contrary, my nation is quite concerned with making sure that those who wish my death are prevented from making it happen.

?David Ditch2003

Agree with He

How about Big, Stupid, Ignorant, Arrogant Brother Bites. Right on Mike! It’s the truth and you’ve got guts to tell it like it is. Do another one on the hysteria-hyping media.

?Jim MartinClass of 1965 Alumnus

Inappropriate advice

We found Joan Knihnicki’s column of last week (“Avoiding the ultimate STD, Kids”), in which she encouraged a young reader to deceive her parents in order to obtain birth control pills, extremely offensive as well as incomplete. This article mentions the benefits of birth control pills but fails to inform women of the serious negative side-effects.

These include high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attacks, migraines, menstrual problems after stopping the drug, breast cancer and permanent infertility ? not to mention that the pill causes abortions.

The birth control pill fails to inhibit ovulation 100 percent effectively. Anywhere from four to 30 percent of the time an egg is released and can become fertilized. Since one of the mechanisms of the pill is to thin the endometrium, any fertilized egg (that is, a human life) will be prevented from implanting on the uterine wall and be flushed out of the woman’s body. In other words an artificial mis-carriage (a.k.a. an abortion) occurs.

Hormonal birth control is a powerful drug, and any article purporting to lay out “the ins and outs of the birth control pill” must include this information.

Finally, the title of this article, even if in jest, shows a flawed way of thinking. Children are in no sense an “STD;” no human person should ever be considered or called a disease. When the gift of sexuality is regulated with chastity, children can be seen as the blessing they are instead of as a disease. The following sources have more information on the harmful effects of hormonal contraceptives:,,

?Alysse DefrancoTake 5 Scholar

Samuel Howard, Anne Kluza, Maureen QuinnClass of 2003

Joyelle Muckerheide, Jeanetta TwardzikClass of 2004

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