UR spring sports are 0-for-7 in their northern attempts to compete outdoors.

The women’s lacrosse team attempted to play last Thursday, but was forced to stop at halftime with Cortland leading 2-1. The weather then wiped out the entire outdoor schedule for the weekend.

“It was great to get out,” women’s lacrosse coach said. “Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold. I thought psychologically it was great to go out and play.”

The track team’s meet against St. Lawrence University, Alfred University and SUNY Fredonia on Saturday was canceled and has not been rescheduled.

“Everybody was excited to get outside, but obviously the conditions would not have made for ideal competition,” women’s track coach Barbara Hartwig said. “We would have been risking injury and not a lot of good things would have happened.”

The baseball team was supposed to host Medaille College for a double header Sunday, but will instead play one nine-inning game Friday, April 12 at 3:30 p.m.

Sunday’s women’s lacrosse game against Ithaca was also canceled, but has not been rescheduled.

When the temperature rose a little Sunday afternoon, it looked like the baseball and women’s lacrosse teams would be able to make their trips to SUNY Brockport on Tuesday. But the cold air and snow returned Monday, canceling both games.

The baseball team will now face Brockport on Tuesday, April 2 at 3:30 p.m., but no new date has been set for lacrosse.

The lacrosse and track teams were both happy to have the extra time off to prepare.

“We’re trying to just use our time the best we can,” Golden said. “We’re feeling pretty good.”

Only one sport was able to get its season underway despite the weather. The men’s tennis team was able to move indoors and play three times, beating Nazareth, Hobart and RIT.

The teams will try their luck outdoors this week if the weather cooperates.

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