Two weeks ago, the NROTC unit painted the tunnels with Navy and Marine Corps quotations, pictures, and mottos. We had a great time during the event, taking a lot of pride in our efforts, as any group would. Within the following week, there was graffiti written over two pictures. The first, a picture of a submarine firing a missile with the words, “To Osama, with Love” painted next to it, had the words “What can we hope to create out of devices designed solely to destroy?” painted on top. The second was a picture of two planes dropping bombs on little stick figures with the writing “You Know Who” next to it. On top of this was spray painted a peace sign.

Despite what many may think, military personnel are not advocates of unjustified war or violence. Quite the contrary, to obtain peace is why we fight. Whether or not you agree with that sentiment does not diminish our convictions.

As future Navy and Marine Corps officers, we take seriously the situation that our country is in. Further, we firmly believe in every person’s right to freedom of speech. We are willing to put our lives on the line in order to defend your right to think and promote that which you believe in. Voicing your thoughts and opinions is your right and all we ask is that you extend to us the same courtesy.

Amy Shutt, Class of 2002Max Cooper, Class of 2003

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