Fraternities and sororities are an integral and vital part of this campus. We boast a variety of student leaders, from academic to athletic and social to philanthropic. We work hard to work with each other and with non-Greeks to create programs that improve the student life at UR. Most of us juggle a tough academic load, as well as work and being members of other organizations. We are anything but stereotypically spoiled rich kids.

The cat incident that occurred at the house of Sigma Chi fraternity was horrible and inhumane. However, it is not a typical thing that is associated with the Greek community. After all, most houses on the fraternity quad care for a variety of pets and care for them with respect and love, just like they would with each other.

People need to realize the most disturbing fact regarding this act ? this could happen to anyone and to any organization. SC fraternity was the unfortunate victim in this case. Above it all, the entire fraternity has cooperated with proper authorities throughout the investigation. Somehow, many students and administrators did not recognize this fact, and rumors have soiled the name of a reputable student organization.

I praise the administration for working hard with the students in solving this serious crime. However, an additional step should be taken to make the rest of the campus aware of the truth and the whole picture.

It is the administration’s responsibility to help clear SC’s name. Silence is unacceptable ? it implies guilt. The treatment received by SC and the other two fraternities on probation from the administration appears to assume guilt before proof of innocence, even though the administration has no cause to believe this incident was related to the three organizations. It is unfair that the fraternity is receiving negative publicity because the university has neglected to stand up behind them in the spotlights.

In light of recent events, stereotypes toward the Greek community have been distorted throughout the UR community. A mass of nave and unfounded rumors were circulated about fraternities and sororities due to the lack of complete facts.

As a proud member of Alpha Phi sorority, I felt extremely offended that students without full knowledge of a given situation would cast such biases toward a society that they have not yet entered.

I propose that the UR administration expediently review its evidence and take a stance in this matter. It is important for the students to feel that they can rely and trust the administration in helping them protect their rights. After all, if they don’t, who will?

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