It has now been five months since the establishment of Freshman Housing and the 2005 Class Council is already proposing that changes be made for next year. The proposed switch, which would put freshmen in Susan B. Anthony Halls, Gilbert Hall and Hoeing Hall, establishes a situation similar to other successful freshman housing situations.

Although the Residential Quad is close to Wilson Commons and the Academic Quad, Sue B. is situated at the heart of the residential areas and contains numerous facilities necessary to student life. By bringing the Class of 2006 closer to upperclass housing, more interaction is almost guaranteed.

Sue B. also offers within its walls Danforth Dining Center, the most financially efficient place to eat on campus with a block plan. The convenience of Danforth offers a central location for freshmen to interact with each other and upperclassmen. Danforth also will draw freshmen on the Residential Quad to travel to Sue B. to eat and interact.

Freshmen on the Residential Quad will also no longer be isolated from upperclass residents. With the desirable rooms in four of the six Residential Quad buildings open to upperclassmen, there is sure to be a mix of different class years.

Although there are still questions about the status of special interest housing groups ? with Tiernan, the Transfer Living Center and the displaced Greek groups in particular ? we believe this can be a move toward a solution.

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