My left breast is smaller than my right. Is this normal? ? Miss Matched

The human body is not always perfectly symmetrical. Depending on the difference in cup size and your comfort with the situation, you can determine normality. If you find that you are not proud of the breasts you possess, there are alteration options available.

If there is a significant difference in size, I suggest consulting a doctor. Have your family physician refer you to a plastic surgeon. The doctor may want to reduce the size of one breast to match the other or insert saline implants. If you opt for saline implants, the doctor would probably perform the procedure on both, considering the change in consistency of breasts after augmentation.

If surgery is not for you, there are topical solutions. Silicone gel pads that form to your breast and fit in your bra are common. There are many prostheses available as well, especially because of the prevalence of mastectomies.

There are other deformities of the breasts that are much more difficult to deal with. The “Snoopy effect,” for example, is characterized by breasts with prominent nipple-aereolar complexes that resemble the comic strip character from “Peanuts” and can be improved, but usually not completely corrected.

For other deformities check out for pictures and explanations of these various breast issues.

The important thing to remember, though, is that everyone’s body is different. That is more beautiful than trading in your unique breasts for the mass-produced Penelope Cruz model. ? Joan

Often when I’m hitting on a major babe, I get cockblocked, meaning that some dude, or occasionally a girl, steps in the way and interrupts, intentionally. How do I get rid of the cockblocker without seeming rude or threatened? What can I do? ? Penis Interrupted

Do not look at the girl as if she is your prey you are attempting to lure into your cave. She is a human being and can make the decision herself whether you are worth her time or not.

By beating away the “cockblocker” with a stick, you are only discouraging her from picking you.

Welcome the intruder into the conversation. Perhaps the three of you will discuss something interesting, while you subtly leak your charm. By opening up the conversation, the “cockblocker” could become a source of attraction for you also. ? Joan

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