Bobcat Goldthwait, known for his impressive yet frightening stand-up, is coming to UR. The UR Winter Fest this year arranged to get the acclaimed stand-up comedian to perform.

Famed for his multi-talented voice, which spans several octaves, Bobcat has been a voice actor on many children’s television programs, including “The Simpsons,” “The Tick,” and “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.”

Sophomore Amy Pham likes Bobcat because “his stand-up acts are intellectually stimulating.”

“I didn’t really know he was around any more,” she said, “so I’m excited to see him.”

Goldthwait is from Syracuse, so he shares something with Rochestarians. If the fact that he is from upstate New York doesn’t spark your fancy, consider that he has been in three “Police Academy” movies, and has an uncredited appearance in “Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie.”

As for questions regarding whether or not he is “washed up,” senior Steve Marx responds, “What? Bobcat Goldthwait washed up? I pity the fool who says that.”

When further questioned about why to go, he replied, “It’s free, nothing beats Bobcat Goldthwait free.”

Director of Winter Festival, junior Santo Marciano said “It’s a nice thing to bring someone we grew up with through ‘Police Academy.'”

Bobcat also wrote and directed the movie “Shakes the Clown,” which entertained many in 1991.

His performance will be at Strong Auditorium, and is free to all UR students with ID.

“It’s free,” he added, to sweeten the already glucose-rich deal Winter Festival is offering this year.

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