It took an hour and a half at the border. A car wouldn?t start.

But Montreal beckoned and the UR men?s and women?s ultimate frisbee team would not be deterred.

Like its play over the two-day Montreal tournament at McGill University, the group?s desire and drive never faltered.

Both frisbee club teams faced tough competition at the Montreal coed tournament. McGill as host posed the biggest threat with two separate A-level teams. UR, coming off of a senior-heavy year, was young and inexperienced.

The first game of the day was against Waterloo University of Canada. UR scored first when junior captain Tom Hall lunged for a pass in the far side of the end zone. The teams then traded points until halftime when UR broke away with the win.

The next game was against Harvard University. The mostly rookie UR squad fared well, but could not overcome the more experienced Harvard players.

The final two games were also split. UR lost to one of the McGill A-teams but emerged victorious over Hampshire College.

After an arduous day and an evening of carousing in Montreal, the team woke up Sunday refreshed.

The second day of the tournament is the all-important single elimination day that determines the conqueror and the subjects. UR conquerored the competition.

UR started off against Concordia College, winning the game 13-7, and they never looked back.

With the confidence of five hard games behind them, the team won decidedly against University of Vermont and a joint Williams College and Wesleyan College team to win the B-pool championship.

?The rookies have good promise,? senior Kelly Watts said. ?They?ll do well in the future.?

And UR has a chance to show support for an exciting club sport. The frisbee team is running a 25-team tournament at the Rochester Institute of Technology Oct. 20-21.

Ultimate frisbee, for those who are unfamiliar, is a team game that combines elements of soccer and football, played on a 40×70-yard field with two end zones.

Two teams of seven are on the field at one time. The team on offense moves up the field by throwing the frisbee to teammates.

When the frisbee is dropped or batted away, the offensive team goes on defense without pause, as the opposing team tries to move the frisbee in the opposite direction.

A point is scored when the offensive team catches the disk in the end zone.

For those who are interested in playing, contact Hall at or women?s captain Sasha Goldberg at

Kanter can be reached at

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