After it’s disappointing start last season, the squash team looked to an improved season, starting with it’s first two matches against Hamilton College and Colgate University.

The Yellowjackets traveled to Hamilton on Sunday to take on both teams, coming out of the competition 1-1.

UR went into it’s first match against Colgate with revenge in their eyes.

The team did not want a repeat performance of the previous year, when UR lost to Colgate and Hamilton.

With that spirit, UR came out on top 5-4, winning the match in a very close battle.

The Yellowjackets were down 4-3 with freshman Dave Sokoloff and sophomore Dave Eswaren still playing. Each won their match and clinched the win for UR.

“There were some really close matches aginst them,” Take Five Scholar Josh Vinocour said.

The men then took on Hamilton, an opponent that has been tough to beat for the Yellowjackets. This match-up was no different. The Yellowjackets were defeated easily, 7-2.

“I felt that our results against them were going to be better than they were,” Vinocour said.

The surprise of the matches came from the racquet of the No. 2 player, junior Allen Fitzsimmons.

After improving greatly over the past year, Fitzsimmons stunned both of his opponents, starting off the season 2-0.

“[Fitzsimmons] strengths are his competitive spirit, his intensity, and his fitness,” said Vinocour. “[He] should be very pleased with his performance.”

UR takes a break for the winter holiday, but returns Jan. 18 to compete in the Yale Invitational against very stiff competition.

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