Little puppets

That was a very weak article written by your little freshman puppet about the concert that took place on Friday, Nov. 9.

First off, “diehard concert-goer?” This kid? Who the hell in their right mind with any knowledge of any kind of music scene categorizes a hardcore band as a “sub-par garage band”

Seriously, what the hell was that? Does he even listen to anything that isn’t on commercial radio? And no, Phish does not count.

Second off and the biggest misconception is the fact that Building on Fire drove people out. The majority of the kids there, minus the 8-10 UR kids, were there particularly to see Building on Fire and the only kids that were driven out were the sheltered UR kids who couldn’t fathom the possibility that bands wouldn’t want to sound like Dave Matthews.

I don’t know what kind of shows our little Chadwick [Schnee] attends but this was a punk/hardcore show ? not the Lilith Fair that I’m sure tops his list, thrusting him into the category of a “diehard concertgoer.” The two UR bands were added only because WRUR is Students’ Association funded and it made sense to have UR bands perform since it was after all a UR event. They were not there to provide an alternative to punk rock.

In the future I would appreciate it if you could either have knowledgeable writers doing reviews of our shows or not do reviews at all.

? Akshay YeshokumarClass of 2003

Mazel Tones

Two weeks ago, the Nov. 22 Get Out! said that After Hours was the only coed a cappella group on campus.

The Mazel Tones, now in our second year, are a coed Jewish a cappella group here at UR. The correction printed in the Nov. 29 issue of the Campus Times stated that the Maxeltones were also a coed group.

We are the Mazel Tones and have sung at many events.

? Laura CowanBuisness Manager, Mazel TonesClass of 2003

Eastman outreach

I am writing in regards to Kirsten Swanson’s article in the Nov. 29 issue of the Campus Times entitled “Why I Think Musicians Shouldn’t Volunteer.”

I felt pretty insulted after reading this article, being an Eastman student and a musician myself. Not only did the article propagate stereotyping but it also held a condescending and self-righteous tone that I can’t imagine would encourage people to join the Eastman Community Outreach group.

If no students show up to the poorly advertised meeting, it’s just not fair for Swanson to belittle and accuse them as a whole of being more self-centered than she. I know many students at Eastman who are incredibly involved in other volunteer organizations and care a lot about giving back to the community.

These other volunteer organizations ? the Eastman Students’ Association, the service fraternities and groups at River Campus ? are doing good things and have been doing them for a long time.

Please don’t ignore the good things that Eastman students are doing just because this meeting was poorly-attended.

It is difficult enough to combat the general opinion that we are oblivious to what’s going on in the world, but this painful accusation by a peer makes it even tougher.

There are certainly students at Eastman who are selfish, as there are people like this everywhere, but there are also so many who are using their lives and love of music to do great and kind things.

? Mary LattimoreClass of 2002

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A few months ago, as I did my daily walk to class through the tunnels to escape the February cold,…

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