At the end of the semester we take the time to chime in with some cheers, jeers and a tear that have come up that haven’t editorialize on previously.

Cheers to Assistant Dean and Director of UR’s Study Abroad Program Jackie Lavine for being named the Professional Development Award by the Institute of the International Education of Students. Not only is she the best study abroad director, she takes a personal interest in UR students, whether they are going abroad or not. This enthusiasm for students truly deserves the recognition she received. It is nice to see exemplary staff members recognized for their commitment to UR and their profession.

Jeers to John LaBoda for failing to realize his campaign promise of a representative cabinet and not fully explaining to the student body why this has not happened. This is the second Students’ Association President not to create this body. He has created class councils ? this group should exist too.

Cheers to Mother Nature for giving us a November without snow covering the ground and our so far unseasonably warm December. The respite for a typical gloomy winter is more than welcomed.

Jeers to the SA Senate for cancelling the Walk For Light to the Graduate Living Center for the second year in a row. Poor timing is not a valid excuse for two years. With so many students living there, it is important to make sure the route they regularly walk is safe and protected. Hopefully, the senate will recognize the need to have the GLC Walk For Light and hold it second semester.

Finally, a TEAR for the departure of former Dean of Students at The College Mary-Beth Cooper for the Rochester Institue of Technology. We will miss the approachability that she brought to the student body. Students were comfortable talking with her about a wide range of issues and problems. For the many students that have enjoyed dinners at her home, those will be sorely missed as well. One can only hope that her permanent successor will fill her role as well as she did. RIT is getting a wonderful administrator.

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