Four reports of slashed or punctured tires were taken by UR security Friday, Nov. 2. Three incidents took place in Wilson North Lot, and the fourth took place in Park Lot.

Three of the cars belonged to students and one belonged to a faculty member. One car had only one tire damaged, while three had two tires slashed or punctured.

UR Security reported that the estimated damages range from $70 to $440. The owners of the vehicles reported the incidents throughout the day when returning to their cars.

Lovejoy student assaulted

An undergraduate residing in Lovejoy Residence Hall contacted security to report that she had been assaulted by another student, Sunday, Nov. 4.

According to the victim’s story, she had accidentally popped a balloon belonging to another student. The suspect had asked her to hold it for him. When the balloon popped, the suspect allegedly became angry. He then allegedly picked up the victim’s jacket and struck her with it twice.

The zipper on the jacket caused a laceration on the bridge of the victim’s nose that was noticed by the responding officers. She refused medical treatment.

The victim also reported that the suspect was verbally offensive toward her. She has elected not to pursue criminal charges against the suspect at this point.

Both involved were told to stay away from each other.

Lawn chair thrown near students

Students walking through the Hill Court area Friday, Nov. 2 between 3 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. notified security after a plastic lawn chair landed approximately ten feet away from them. The chair was launched from a balcony of Kendrick House.

The student who reported the incident was not injured. An apology was issued by the person who was identified as being responsible for throwing the chair.

He told security that he had not intentionally thrown the chair at anyone, but rather had just thrown it as a random act.

Security advised him against future behavior of a similar nature.

Trespassers found in athletic center

Shortly after 6 p.m., Monday, Nov. 5, staff working in the Goergen Athletic Center notified security of two unidentified individuals in the facility that did not belong there.

Responding officers located the two youths. They were later determined not to be affiliated with the university.

The youths were advised against any further similar actions and escorted from the facility without incident.

Information providedby UR Security.

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