I want to thank the editors and staff of the campus times for the great job they are doing with the “campustimes.org” website. For many alumni, once we leave the U of R the Ivy covered halls, dining center meals, and sub-artic winters are only memories. The Campus Times on-line has provided us a way to remenisce our undergraduate years through a lense we remember, that of a student, and not through the stale University alumni publications.

Gerard Lancaster, M.D., ’97

Plan to rename shuttle lines gets SA support

The SA senate unanimously passed a statement of support for the renaming of several University shuttle lines Feb. 12. The…

The Ward Project is cataloging Henry Ward’s taxidermied specimens, letters, and more

The Ward Project is a collection of artifacts and documents associated with Henry Ward and his Natural Science Establishment from the 1800s and 1900s.

Ineffable experience of music

The feeling music brings me is palpable, providing a meaning through sound to otherwise inexpressible emotions.