Good Morning.

i produce a weekly comic strip (a record review/pop culture commentary comic strip) and i’m trying to figure out what to do with it, so i’m writing you and editors at other newspapers to ask you (a) Could i send you some samples? and (b) Would you provide feedback? My sincere wish is that a+b will eventually equal (c) How soon do you want to run it? I’m trying do do the impossible…self-syndicate. Really…any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Noise

The shadow of Monterey Park cast on the Rochester community

“Lunar New Year is supposed to be a time of celebration and reunion, yet 11 families will forever remember this as a time of grief."

The Natural Center is a beautiful ode to Earth

Each of the mixed media pieces intertwines themes of nature and humanity, exploring feelings of unnaturalness or discomfort in the spaces where they meet.

Shuttle swipe requirement begins Feb. 1

Upcoming changes to shuttle service will require riders to swipe their ID cards to enter the shuttle, according to the University’s Director of Transportation and Parking Jim Chodak.