I?m pleased to have the chance to express my gratitude for Ray MacConnell?s 25 years of service to University of Rochester students. While Ray certainly delivers excellent graphic design work for all his University customers, his relationships with the student members of the campus media groups are central to his contributions to our community. We can all learn from observing Ray?s interactions. Quite simply, he treats each person the way he would like to be treated in return. That may seem very simplistic, but many of us forget that important element in our day-to-day interactions. So for Ray, it means caring for the students he works with. It means telling them the truth, even if the truth might be a bit painful. It means bringing cookies in for the CT when they are putting out the paper. It means responding to Christmas cards and letters and attending weddings ? and sometimes doing the flowers for them. It means taking the time to listen to students and understanding their concerns and issues.

So, for this recognition of Ray?s 25 years here, I want to thank him for being a friend to 25 years of UR students.

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