The other day, I was on the third floor of the weight room when I decided to take a break from my workout and just look around at the people in the gym.

I noticed four different types of people working out.

First, you?ve got the ?regulars.?

You can tell who these people are because they usually bounce from exercise to exercise without much rest in between sets. Most of these people partake in exercises that some people can only dream of ? the type of exercise that looks like it would break your bones in the process of doing it.

Then you?ve got the people who are in there for social hour.

It?s always interesting to watch these people. They usually have one arm propped against a piece of equipment, and when others ask them if they are using it, they respond with ?Yeah, I got two more sets.? Do those sets ever happen? Nope. A topic of conversation arises that they just can?t resist, and they end up abandoning their workout.

Next are the people who are keeping their New Year?s resolutions alive.

Congratulations to them and keep up the good work. These people are recognized by the extreme amounts of sweat that they produce in a short amount of time.

Yet, these people have stuck it out and are now finally starting to notice a difference in the way they look.

Finally, you have the older people of the Yellowjacket community.

Those cute little old people give you the motivation to just keep going ? if they can do it, you can do it.

It was enjoyable picking out what group each person belonged in, but probably the most interesting part of my break was the realization that every single person ? with the exception of the elderly ? walked by a mirror and gave themselves a little ?look-see.?

Don?t get me wrong ? I am a culprit of that too. Even if you don?t realize it, everybody does it.

Some just took a quick peek to see if that vein was popping out of their arm. Others were more obvious. They took a little longer to make sure that people could see their muscles bulging through their shirt.

And others ? the regulars ? just flat out stared at themselves in the mirror.

I even saw people who took the long way to the water fountain just so they could take advantage of every mirror in the gym. It was something that I never noticed until I took that break.

After finishing my workout, nature decided to give me a call, so I journeyed down the stairs towards the men?s locker room.

The whole way down to the bathroom I thought about my new discovery, raising such questions as, ?Why does everybody do that? At what age do people stop doing that??

By the time I got to the bathroom I didn?t have any of those questions answered. I opened up the door, and to my surprise, I found out why the elderly don?t look at themselves in the mirror.

They prefer to walk around the locker room totally naked.

Now my pondering brain had to think about this one ? ?Why do they do this? I really don?t feel like washing my hands next to a 75 year-old naked guy shaving his face.? This made for a quick exit out of Goergen with high hopes that I don?t get the experience of seeing that again.

What can you do? Is there a polite way to ask him to put his clothes on when walking around the locker room? I?m not really sure. Just beware of what might be behind that closed door next time you visit the men?s locker room. And remember, stay clothed!

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