There needs to be another way for students to communicate with the administration besides the Students? Association. Most of the recent student frustration at UR is because it is felt that there is no direct link between students and administration.

The result is the presence of subtle and underlying animosity between the administration and students.

For example, the No-Sweat protesters often voice their disappointment over not being able to meet with President Jackson.

Last week, Associate Dean of Students Ken Rockensies began the process of creating a direct channel of communication between the administration and students outside of the SA.

Rockensies made signs advertising that he would be available for students Fridays between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Pit. Students were able to go and sit with him to voice their concerns or just to talk.

Even if students did not speak with him, they were able to make a visual note of the dean for future reference. As a result, Dean Rockensies became a more approachable figure on campus. Other university administrators should follow in his example and reach out to students on a weekly basis.

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