Suits tailored by Giorgio Armani, ties designed by Donna Karan, shoes made by Gucci, Movado-designed watches and Tiffany cufflinks are stylish and are worth a fortune but are too expensive for the everyday college student. However, a posh look is attainable without these labels.

A college man who has style is a man who wears a belt to make a fashion statement instead of hoping to hold his pants up. This is a man who is priceless. The message of men?s spring fashion is simple ? don?t be afraid to take a risk. Gentlemen, it?s time to make a statement and here are some ways to do it.

Shirts should have subtle shimmer to them, and button-down is sexier than ever. The material should be thin to remain cool and comfortable when things heat up in the summer. Stone-washed jeans are trendier and will definitely stand apart from all of the regular fit. Jeans should also be light in weight, and don?t be afraid to roll them up on hot days. It?s definitely better than wearing shorts.

Jackets are essential for any outfit this summer to make the perfect entrance to any event ? plus there should always be an opportunity to strip. A basic jean jacket is must-have for everyone.

High-necked, round-collared shirts are also very popular as they accentuate a man?s broad shoulders. If you are comfortable with your masculinity, you may even want to try tight fitting sleeveless shirts that have a high collar. It?s a great way to show off toned shoulders and chest. This is probably the best new fad of the season.

To be even more risqu try on a shirt with rectangular holes across the chest and expose some skin. Rough, cut-up jeans will compliment the style. It has also become very fashionable and unisex to wear a shirt with a long sleeve on one side and a cutoff sleeve on the other. Refer to Janet Jackson?s back-up dancers if you want to copycat this style ? its trendy but will only be in for a short time.

On a bad day, a combination of wearing black and white is always chic and easy to put together.

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