John La Boda was announced as the new Student Association President late Wednesday night. Full coverage will be available Thursday in the CT.VOTE TOTALS:Presidential RaceMindy Fountain-270Samay Gheewala-140John La Boda-477Meng Wang-182Who Cares Guy-45Other-37JT-16

Class of 2002Daryl DuLong-131Sarah Driansky-144Other-55

Class of 2003Elizabeth Conway-161Lana Knox-202Jorge Villali-145

Class of 2004Carl Chastain-73Ajay Dhar-69Patty Heckman-62Peter Ordal-120Ruthie Varkovitzy-94

At LargeJack Collins-359Zachary Feldman-256Kevin Gemp-339Kris Kiefer-590Lucas McCarthy-309Adam Simmons-493Other-137

GLCAshley Edwards-49

Hill CourtMegan Hannon-144

SBAJoshua Gernold-140Letty-26

TowersStephanie Fitzpatrick-75John Simons-79

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