John La Boda was announced as the new Student Association President late Wednesday night. Full coverage will be available Thursday in the CT.VOTE TOTALS:Presidential RaceMindy Fountain-270Samay Gheewala-140John La Boda-477Meng Wang-182Who Cares Guy-45Other-37JT-16

Class of 2002Daryl DuLong-131Sarah Driansky-144Other-55

Class of 2003Elizabeth Conway-161Lana Knox-202Jorge Villali-145

Class of 2004Carl Chastain-73Ajay Dhar-69Patty Heckman-62Peter Ordal-120Ruthie Varkovitzy-94

At LargeJack Collins-359Zachary Feldman-256Kevin Gemp-339Kris Kiefer-590Lucas McCarthy-309Adam Simmons-493Other-137

GLCAshley Edwards-49

Hill CourtMegan Hannon-144

SBAJoshua Gernold-140Letty-26

TowersStephanie Fitzpatrick-75John Simons-79

The crowd went (mildly) wild for Brenda Song’s Yellowjacket Weekend panel

While attendance was low, those who did show up seemed pretty engaged, with many lining up to ask questions during the half hour Q&A portion of the event.

In the Spotlight: Chappell Roan

In a time where pop has become oversaturated and underwhelming, Chappell Roan breathes new life into the genre.

How do you know if someone is smart?

Everyone is smart in their own way — it might not be the same as someone else or in the same way. And that is okay.