In my eyes, the words ?sports? and ?athletics? are such vague terms.

Despite the loose definitions, we only associate certain words with those categories.

For example, we can all agree that basketball, soccer, volleyball and even mud-wrestling are activities that fall under sports and recreation.

I am here to propose that we add another one to that list ? sex.

Yes. You read it correctly. Sex ? sexual intercourse.

If you don?t know what that means, just ask your parents where you really came from.

If you look it up in the Webster?s Dictionary, the word ?sport? means a physical activity that is engaged in for pleasure.

For those of us who are no longer part of the V-club, we know that sex is definitely physical AND pleasurable.

Also need to release aggression and other types of emotion that we can?t simply exert by performing any other activities.

Don?t deny it. You know I?m right. We all have hormones, and we need to ?tone? them up every so often.

Besides, sex is one of the very few activities that you can participate in almost anywhere, with anyone and at any time.

It also lets you exercise all of the different types of muscles in your body.

And in time, you realize that you are really more flexible than you think.

And I?m not talking about a private one-on-one competition between you and your partner.

I think it should become an actual all-out display in an arena. We could have one couple getting dirty on the mat, another doing the deed on a table and a threesome taking turns banging each other on a good old-fashioned bed.

We can assign scoring too and give our lovers bonus points for hitting all the right ?spots? at all the right times.

We can score the partners on the originality and difficulty of their moves. Extra points can be earned by making your partner moan the loudest, or better yet ? if they are able to outlast the others.

Of course, we have to set a standard too. There should be point deductions for those who can?t get it up and those who fake the big ?O.?

The more I think of it, I can?t believe that no one thought of this before. Sex carries such a negative and dirty connotation.

Trust me when I say this, the best sex is with the one you love. But why shouldn?t we give honors to those who have mastered the Kama Sutra?

There are Guinness World Record holders for strange things like eating the most cockroaches or having the longest toenails.

Why shouldn?t we have a record-holder for excellence in giving or receiving sexual pleasure?

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