As we came back from winter break nutritionally fulfilled and well-rested, we noticed something new in the ever-changing face of the campus. This change was an oddly placed wall in Danforth Dining Center. Acknowledging this alteration, some students were curious about what sparked the idea of building a wall that seemed to be of no great importance.

The Reason

After doing some research and contacting some of Aramark?s big wigs we found an answer to this question. Evidently, it was built to reduce the noise in the dishwashing room and to decrease the odor in the dining room. Although a door could also have solved these problems, a closed room would have created a hot temperature that student workers shouldn?t have to bear while on duty. Therefore, the wall fully serves both purposes.


Danforth patrons did not take favorably to the new wall. Students questioned the need for its existence. ?It?s pointless. It stands in the way,? sophomore Gioncarlo Rondash said. Another onlooker, sophomore Suzanne Decker, said, ?The new wall creates traffic problems that weren?t there before.?

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