As a junior, I?ve seen a lot, but I haven?t seen 24 hour dining services, tunnels that are open to our convenience, working printers and copiers in Clarc or a clothing optional D-Day. In order to make college an environment more conducive for academic as well as social well-being, it is imperative that a few annoyances that have brought down the quality of life at the U of R be addressed.

We attend a university where much is expected from us. Studying until 2 in the morning is commonplace. Aside from Clarc however, the services that our school provides for the late-night scholar are skimpy. The tunnels close at 12 while Carlson closes at 2, and don?t even try to get into the pit for food past midnight because they will have you arrested!

As your class of 2002 senator, I will work on extending library and dining hours, especially during reading week. I will also try to get the academic tunnels open until 2 am when Carlson closes, because winter here is no fun.

Also, with the world headquarters of a major copy machine producer only a few miles away, you would think that at least we could have working copiers. I will work on getting someone hired who knows what they are doing to make sure that the copiers and printers are in working order.

Lastly, clothing optional for D-Day. Drink naked and be merry.

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