My name is Lana Knox and I am re-running for the position of Senate Representative for the Class of 2003. To begin, I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed serving my constituents on Senate for the past term and I am excited about the opportunity to continue my involvement. Thus far, I have served on the Senate?s Public Relations Committee, which has brought you the Hive and the “Whatcha Want” campaign. I am a Senate Representative on the Appropriations Committee, which distributes the student activities fee that each undergraduate pays, in order to fund events to benefit our University.

I have aspired to become an involved individual so that I get to know as many of my classmates as possible in order to serve you best on Senate. I think it is important for you, the voter, to be aware of my participation in our community. I am a member of Delta Gamma, the Campus Times Staff, Outside Speakers Committee, Panhellenic Association, and I work at the Rush Rhees Circulation Desk.

My goals for Senate during this upcoming term are to increase interaction with the student body through advertised office hours, which will assist the body in polling student opinion. I also am interested in helping the new campaign that wants to bring a twenty-four hour food service.

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