My name is Jack Collins, class of 2004, and I come from New Mexico as a Political Science and Economics major. I am running for a senate position at large for the 2001-2002 academic school year. These past two semesters as a freshman I was incredibly involved in many activities and I feel that I would serve our student body well as a senator. I am the President of the Towers Hall Council and a member of UR Varsity Track & Field, UR Club Volleyball, KASA (Korean-American Students Association), various Intramural teams, the Music Interest Floor, and have helped organize and perform in some “open-mic nights” around campus. I don?t think my activities alone make me a good candidate for our representative; rather it?s how I act and what I do on a daily basis that represents my true character. I am an individual who finds great joy while looking after other people and trying to help out as best I can. As a senator next year, I will address issues of communication amongst our student body. My overall goal is to help us students build upon the connections that we have now and establish a stronger community.

Defending orange chicken

American Chinese food isn’t trying to be like authentic Chinese food — it’s its own thing.

Letter to the Editor: “I cannot condone the protests against Israel”

I truly believe that the "pro-Palestinian" protestors on the River Campus are shamelessly and remorselessly fostering antisemitism.

Violence will not solve what violence created

More violence against Palestinians will not lead to the development of the peaceful society that all parties deserve.