Dear Freshman,

My name is Ajay Dhar. I am an electrical engineering major and I want to represent you, the class of 2004, as your senator. If you read the platforms of the other candidates, you will notice that most of them are currently involved with numerous University activities; too many, in fact, for them to be able do justice to any one of them. A senator that is involved with a lot of different organizations is not a suitable representative of yours. If elected to the senate, they will not be focusing all of their attention to your needs. I will be a better senator for you because I will concentrate solely on this task and not get involved with any other on or off campus organization to make myself more available to you. As senator, all of my available time will be focused towards your wants and needs because I do not have any other commitments holding me back. I will make myself available to you so that we can work together to develop solutions to our common problems and forcefully present them to the Senate Committee and finally we will be able to make a change for the better.

Burnt down local business Akimbo Books has the community at its back

This outpouring of support from the community has emboldened Crawford to think about the future of Akimbo, including opening Akimbo 2.0.


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been sneak-attacked by a puddle on my treks across campus. A puddle.

Displaced students weigh in on renters insurance debate

The reality is that floods like the one in Brooks Crossings are random accidents that occur once in a while, and many students were not prepared for an accident of this sort and thus uninsured.