The golf team returned to Rochester from their spring break training trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina refreshed and eager for their important spring season.

While they have not yet assured themselves a place at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships held in St. Louis May 7 through the 10, they are confident that they will be one of the three schools attending from their region. Junior Captain Joe Quijano was heartened by the good training trip and is happy that the &young team is progressing nicely.&

Off to a good start

At the finish of the fall season they were ranked twenty-second in the nation, but they know that their performance in the spring season could easily raise their standing in the ranking.

Junior Nadeem Hussain felt that while the fall season was &a little disappointing and had its ups and downs, we can do much better [in the spring season].&

The Yellowjackets will compete in four tournaments this spring.

Their most decisive will be the Western Maryland College Spring Invitational April 1 and 2 and the District 2 &Cross Creek Apparel& Golf Classic held in Hershey, PA April 15 and 16.

These two tournaments will play a large role in determining whether or not the Yellowjackets will be invited to the NCAA Championships, largely because rival College of New Jersey will be attending them both as well.

High expectations

Last spring the Yellowjackets finished second to Emory University in the University Athletic Association Championships.

They made their 16th appearance in 19 years at the NCAA Championships, leaving the tournament ranked No. 21.

The challenge for this youthful and vigorous team is to place in the top three schools from their district, which is a change from last year where four schools were chosen.

Freshman Jason Bronstein was optimistic in reference to this goal.

He referred to their &talent and strength of mind to recover& from their uncharacteristic fall season and earn their invitation to the NCAA Championship.

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