UR graduate students Sean Bentley and John Heebner placed in the top three in a Tae Kwon Do tournament at Terry Taylor School in Spencerport last weekend.

Heebner earned second place in form, second in weapons and third in sparring.

Meanwhile, Bentley placed third in forms, fourth in weapons and fourth in sparring.

The two brown-belt competitors were happy with the results, but stressed the highlight of the tournament to the learning process and a chance to compete with others outside of practices.

?We really enjoyed the sparring competition [because] in the club setting, it is easy to become very comfortable with others? styles and techniques,? Heebner said.

?In the tournament setting however, both the elements of the unknown opponents and the competition itself bring a new level of intensity and realism to the sparring,? he continued.

The two performed Cern Bei Sau (double dagger) in the weapon competition. The sparring portion was non-contact and referees awarded points based on the likelihood of landing an attack in the target area.

Tae Kwon Do, literally ?the way of fist and foot,? is an ancient Korean martial art form.

UR focuses on Chung Do Kwon, a Tae Kwon Do style that emphasizes a practical means of self-defense that focuses on powerful kicks, punches and blocks.

Its practice strengthens mind, body and spirit while providing the student a means to achieve, condition and relieve stress.

The UR Tae Kwon Do club has been active since 1972 and is currently the longest running recreational club.

Headed by Sa Bum Nim (instructor) Raymond Mondschein. Mondschein also formed the club?s parent organization, ?North American Tae Kwon Do,? in 2000 after practicing the sport for 31 years.

Currently, the club has a diverse array of members ? comprised of undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff. The participants are also of various skills and experience.

Mondschein welcomes newcomers to walk in to watch or try a workout at their own leisure. He considers the club to be part of the extended family he has developed over the years.

Most of all, Mondschein considers the individual achievements and the increased student confidence to be the most rewarding aspects of his teaching experience.

The club usually participates in about two competitions annually and each member chooses whether or not to compete.

In addition, the club meets for hour-long workouts about three times a week. However, the amount of practice is totally up to the participant.

For more information about Tae Kwon Do or about the club team, feel free to email club president and senior Nick Carbone at nc001h@mail.rochester.edu.

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