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In MLK address, Princeton scholar urges a complete memory of King

“Something has died,” Princeton scholar Eddie S. Glaude said. “But the ghost will not leave us alone."

Symone Sanders encourages radical change in Dr. King commemorative address

Symone Sanders, former national press secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders, urged attendees to be agents of change when she delivered…

Maria Hinojosa delivers MLK address

Hinojosa said the biggest reason for racism in America today is fear. Specifically, the fear of people and their unfamiliarity with the rest of the world.

DeGruy details mental remnants of slavery in MLK Jr. address

Author and educator Dr. Joy DeGruy delved into how America’s history of slavery has caused “post traumatic slave syndrome” in African descendants before a full house Friday evening as UR’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Address speaker.