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Not Vanilla: The future of late night

Are there enough people watching the actual shows with the regular advertisements to keep sustaining this format of entertainment?

Not Vanilla: Podcasts to pass the time

I got into podcasts this summer, when I was interning in Boston. I quickly realized the best way to pass the time and to also be semi-aware of my surroundings was listening to podcasts.

Not Vanilla: Why we watch people do things

It’s much easier to watch someone else do things and live vicariously through them.

Not Vanilla: Bigger the universe, bigger the buck

Since the “Iron Man” back in 2008, the concept of an expanded movie universe has become a household idea, even if most people don’t know the technical word for it.

Not Vanilla: A new kind of entertainment

Nowadays, the sheer number of ways you can distract yourself means not everyone sticks to watching the same thing.

Not Vanilla: A message to Hollywood

I find that in life there are so many shades of relationships between women that aren’t shown that often. So in honor of Women’s Empowerment Month, I’m going to pitch our imaginary Hollywood execs some ideas for projects that feature these underrepresented relationships.

Not Vanilla: The mall that never leaves you

Since I’ve gotten to college, online shopping has stolen my money like no other form of discretionary spending.

Not Vanilla: Disney channel singers

Mathematically, it does not seem possible that every female star on Disney turns out to be a great singer.

Not Vanilla: Big people cartoons

To all the people who say that adults should not or cannot watch cartoons — bite me. I have not stopped watching cartoons since I started to watch them.

Not Vanilla: To boldly go…

The original “Star Trek” series was revolutionary — it strived to embody the concept that all life is precious and worth saving, transcended politics, and mirrored real-world issues in the show.