Carolyn Richter
Copy Chief
Class of 2022
Carolyn Richter is a junior majoring in Marketing and Creative Writing from Silicon Valley, CA. She loves working with her fellow staff members as Copy Chief for the Campus Times. She previously served as a contributing writer for Fresh U, and currently writes for the UR Admissions Blog. Outside of CT, she participates in Forté Campus and Hatha Yoga Club.

Articles by Carolyn

The privilege of white lies for a biracial Asian-American

Although some people can immediately tell that I’m Asian, there’s an undeniable privilege in knowing that passing as white is even an option for me. While I have had moments like last March where I’ve felt fear because of my race, I’ve never been racially discriminated against, and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

Arguing is not a love language

People need to recognize the difference between challenging their partner and simply being incompatible.

Making peace with introversion

Beyond just wanting to blend in, though, I was always stuck on the idea that bigger personalities could accomplish more.

Reframing the sports mentality with yoga

While you're shut in due to the coronavirus, consider trying yoga to keep yourself sane and in shape.

YA novels changed my life more than the Bible

Rather, the most impactful genre of literature in my life thus far has been the YA novel.