In the midst of these rapid and turbulent changes we currently face because of COVID-19, there is one thing that will not change: The Campus Times will continue. 

Starting March 23, we will return to our regular weekly schedule of putting out content online. Our monthly print issues, however, will not continue for the rest of the semester. There aren’t enough staff on campus to put them together, and there certainly aren’t enough people on campus to read it. 

So, for now, the website and social media will have to do. Thankfully, we have able staffers in charge of those departments to see that CT’s presence remains a vital part of our new online community. 

There also will be changes to the sort of content we produce. CT was designed to reflect a specific type of experience, and in the past few days that experience has shifted drastically. So, our focus will move to what our college life has now become. 

You may have seen our continuous News coverage of the coronavirus-related developments at UR and in Rochester in the past week. We have every intention of keeping that up. And while the consequences of COVID-19 will be a defining part of our UR experiences, there’s other news to report as well.

But it’s not just News that’ll stick around. People have strong concerns, fears, and ideas about what’s been happening. Voices need to be heard. And the Opinions section can help with that. 

The Features section will strive to tell the less immediate, more personal, human stories of this crisis.

Now that so many of us are without our friends, we need recommendations for binge-watching. Fortunately, we have the Culture section for that.

The way the move has impacted athletes and teams will be reflected in the Sports section. 

And the meme pages have proved that people definitely still need Humor.

We’re going to keep doing our best to keep you informed, heard, and supported. If there’s anything we’d ask in return, it would be to join in. Now, more than ever, we need voices, reporters, humorists, photographers, and illustrators. We need stories and we need people who love telling them. If you want to help out, either as contributors or just as sources, contact us at any of the emails on our about page.

We’ve served the UR community for nearly 150 years, if we’re doing our math right. Keeping that service up in difficult times like these is essential.

Correction (3/18/20): An earlier version of this article advised readers to contact CT at any of “these emails” and then failed to list any emails. We now direct readers to our about page for contact information.

The Editorial Board is a weekly Opinions article representing the view of the Campus Times, co-written by Editor-in-Chief Wil Aiken, Publisher An Nguyen, Managing Editor Efua Agyare-Kumi, and Opinions Editor Hailie Higgins.

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