Oh, Saint Valentine’s Day—it’s the day when you pretend to be romantic, ignoring the fact that you were everything but monogamous a few months, or weeks, ago. But that’s fine, because every now and then we need to make love instead of just having crazy monkey sex. Everyone knows that being consistently romantic is very important in a relationship, but some forget to set up a romantic mood when having sex.

Hence, I’m writing this to make sure that you show that V some love on V-Day, or charm that D on this day.

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, after all. You might just focus on making the night special, but if you don’t ensure that your partner has been having an enjoyable day, then odds are you won’t be able to have any fun that night. Treat your partner with some unexpected gifts or little things, like morning breakfast or a rose on their  desk. There’s no better way to let your partner know how big your love is than by showing it. Remember: there’s no climax without build up.

Pump up that jam. It’s not too late to find out what your partner’s favorite romantic music is. Background music can make or break the night, and you probably wouldn’t want to blast “Closer” to set up the mood. If your special one doesn’t have favorite romantic music, you can always just use their favorite songs. In case you’re so horrible that you don’t even know their favorite music, you can always fall back to the artists everyone likes, such as Bob Marley, The Beatles, or Justin Bieber. Set the music volume just right as well. You wouldn’t want it to be distracting or unnoticeable.

The devil is in the details. And your chances of having a successful night are, too. Candles, balloons, cards, confetti—there are never too many details to make the environment more romantic. What the heck, you can even trim a condom wrapper into a heart for surprise effect (please don’t do this). You probably want to clean your room as well, and if you live with someone else, clean their side as well. A nice scent can also be very useful for your foul-smelling room, and your partner will appreciate it.

Most of all, don’t have sex for the sex. If you just want to climax, you might as well masturbate alone. Have sex for the experience and connection with your special other, for the reaffirmation of love between the two (or more, I don’t judge) of you. And If you are cringing while reading this, trust me, I was too while typing this. But I truly believe that it is necessary to be romantic, not only on a daily basis, but in bed as well. So go ahead, prove that you can be Romeo/Juliet (without the killing yourself part.)


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